Week 7-12 : August – September 12

Finally, I was able to complete the mandatory 150 hours for our OJT requirement. The learning experience I got here at the Asian Center/GT-Toyota Library is quite different compared to the one I had at the Engineering Library II.

The biggest change I had to adapt to is the length of time given to accomplish 150 hours of work. Unlike the 5 week schedule during Summer classes, I now have a full semester to myself and I can choose to work at my own regulated pace. Strictly speaking, if I followed my schedule correctly, I should have finished the 150 hours quite earlier (around mid-late August). For me this was the greatest challenge I had to conquer. There are times that I skip going to the library and choose to go home early instead. I keep saying to myself “mahaba pa naman ang sem, matatapos mo pa rin naman yan kahit papaano”. Day after day the scenario’s the same until it became my mantra already. And then I realized that we only have a couple of months (or weeks perhaps) left and I needed to work double time for me to have a guarantee on passing the subject.

I imposed a strict self-discipline and really pushed myself to finish the task already. And honestly speaking, it was quite fulfilling. Knowing that I now have so much free time is a good feeling at the least. I can now concentrate on my other subjects (specially 190) and of course, do some leisure activities with my friends (which I missed when I rushed to complete the remaining hours).

The other thing that the GT-Toyota library taught me is the “real” work atmosphere. I was just assigned to do one task and one task alone all through-out the semester. And I think this is what happens in the industry. You don’t get the chance to switch positions on a regular basis, having the chance to try new tasks thus killing the boredom in your work.

This OJT experience taught me how to be patient; how to love the task assigned to you; how to work cooperatively with other people for a long  duration of time; and most importantly, how to manage your time wisely!


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