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  1. hi, you took art stud 1 under sakili di ba? can you elaborate what you went through under his class?

    1. yes i did.
      first of all, you have to prepare around 200 pesos for your readings. if photocopying one page costs 50 centavos, then mathematically speaking, you have 400 pages of readings.
      next thing you should do is start reading it. it would be hard for you to catch up to his lectures if you didn’t read the material before hand. having a highlighter here would really prove helpful.
      from time to time, he will randomly call a student for recitation. this is the important part : IF YOU KNOW THE ANSWER TO HIS QUESTION, VOLUNTEER TO RECITE. thus, making you somewhat “exempted” to the harder ones.
      taking down notes is okay but really not that necessary. almost all of the information you need are in the readings that you bought.
      he gave us a chance to see a “sample” exam for us to know what kind of tests he will be giving. and it is hard as hell. the objective part is through identification. no lucky guesses here whatsoever. the subjective part is where you try to write all of the things you know about the topic even if it is not the answer to the question. just to make it look long and profound. it would also be helpful if you have no class after since most probably, you will need to extend several minutes just to finish the exam.
      also, do not be shocked if he is still using his old trusty windows 95 “laptop” that takes more or less 10 years to save a power point file.

      all in all, sakili puts the fun in artstud1. oh wait, there is no fun in sakili nor in artstud1 so good luck! haha

      1. Natakot naman ako dun 😐 On a random note, would you suggest I changemat na? =)) And did you pass?

      2. i think it is worth the experience. iba din yung feeling kapag nag-take ka ng subject na medjo terror yung prof. and yes, fortunately pumasa naman ako. on the other hand, pwede ko bang malaman kung sino ka? hahaha

  2. Hahaha. Thanks!! Ay, you don’t know me! I just googled Art Stud Sakili tapos your page came up haha 🙂

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